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Flexible 'Drop-In' PVC Tank Liners

Customized tank liners for chemical containment and metal plating.

Our Perfect Fit Tank Liners are made from flexible PVC, which then are seam welded together for a maximized strength and durability. We will customize your tank liner to the exact dimensions of your tank for the perfect fit every time. Drop-in tank liners are ideal for hard chrome, anodizing, and electroless nickel applications in the plating industry, water containment and catchment, and liquid storage. Our Perfect Fit tank liners are quickly and easily installed by your shop personnel with the least amount of down time and will extend the life of your tank. In addition, our Perfect Fit liners cost significantly less than regular maintenance or repairs to your tank.

Express Service

Reduce the cost of down-time when you have a tank liner emergency.

Every day that your line is down and the customer wants their parts you are losing money. That’s why we offer our Express Service for most tank liners, that can be ready to ship in 48 hours*. The fact that Perfect Fit Tank Liners are quick and easy to install by your shop personnel also saves you time and money.

Ready to ship in 48 Hours

Take the stress out of the process and let our experienced customer service team assist you with your Express order every step of the way.

If your liner is large in size and/or has intricate customization, the lead time could be longer.


Plating Tank Liners


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