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Electroless Plating Tank Liners

Electroless Plating

CTO Enterprises manufactures the best quality flexible tank liners for “electroless plating”. Using dielectric (RF) sealing technology – all material seams are of the highest quality. Liners are custom made to close tolerances of your tank dimensions and fit well with minimal wrinkles.

Electroplating Tank Liners

Electroplating Liner

CTO Enterprises manufactures flexible, custom made, drop-in tank liners for all electroplating and anodizing operations. Flexible drop-in tank liners are comparatively inexpensive and can easily be installed by your own shop personnel. In addition, drop-in tank liners can be made and shipped to you quickly, reducing down time and loss of production. They are adaptable to nearly all sizes and shapes of tanks and are resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

Floor/Sump/Pit Liners

Floor Liner
CTO Enterprises manufactures a variety of secondary containment products. Using plastic film and reinforced plastic coated fabrics, we can produce a secondary containment product to fit your needs. Custom made for your job or flat sheets – anywhere or any place that requires accidental leak or spill protection.

Another version of the containment liner is the inflatable containment liner. This works the same as a typical liner, but the sides are inflatable to create an air chamber to hold up the sides on heir own. This allows for the user to add or remove air to fit the application perfectly.

Water Tank Liners

Water Storage LinerYour source for water storage tank liners made of flexible PVC for liquid containment. PVC tank liners are UV resistant, extend the life of your tank, and lightweight for easy installation. Water tank liners can be customized to perfectly fit any size tank.

Liquid Fertilizer Storage Tank Liners


CTO Enterprises manufactures heavy duty custom tank liners for liquid containment in large outdoor tanks.

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