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Electroless Plating Tank Liners

Electroless Plating Tank Liners


Perfect Fit Tank Liners manufactures the best quality flexible tank liners for “electroless plating”. Using dielectric (RF) sealing technology – all material seams are of the highest quality. Liners are custom-made to close tolerances of your tank dimensions and fit well with minimal wrinkles.

Advantages of Electroless Plating Tank Liners

– Eliminate need of expensive time consuming, messy tank cleaning and passivation.

– Comparatively inexpensive and economical to use as disposable.

– Allows use of less expensive metal tanks that won’t crack at joints eliminating need of constant repairs.

– Easy drop-in installation

Tank Liner Features

– Large overlap at top for securing in place

– Use your method to secure or order economical, reusable stainless steel clips for quick and easy attachment at top.

– Available with trough bottoms, “V” shaped bottoms, sloping bottoms, and overflows if required.


Specially formulated materials yield the longest life and durability available in a variety of thicknesses:

  • 8 mil
  • 12 mil
  • 16 mil
  • 20 mil
  • 40 mil
Electroless-Plating Tank Liners