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Frequently Asked Questions - Tank Liners

If you’re frustrated with extensive tank cleaning and passivation with your electroless nickel line, our Perfect Fit tank liners will effectively eliminate those needs. Tank liners are comparatively cheaper than consistently paying for cleaning and passivation, even used as disposables. Utilizing our Perfect Fit chemical tank liners will not only help maintain the structural integrity of your tanks but will also notably extend their lives. Read on to learn about tank liner basics and see answers to our frequently asked questions. 


What Are Perfect Fit Tank Liners Made Of?

Our custom tank liners are made from the highest quality U.S. sourced materials, including flexible PVC, to ensure they are strong and long-lasting. Our durable tank liners will extend the life of your tanks, saving you both time and money.

How Does Tank Lining Sizing Work?

Perfect Fit Tank Liners customizes each tank liner to the precise inside dimensions of your tanks to ensure a perfect fit for every order.

I Need My Order ASAP. How Quickly Can I Get My Tank Liner?

We’re happy to offer express service for most tank liners at an additional cost, with the liners ready to ship within 48 hours. If you have a very large order or complex customizations, the order could take a few days longer to ship.

What Are Some Advantages Of Using Tank Liners?

Without a tank liner, different chemicals will cause reactions based on the material of the tank. Using custom chemical tank liners will provide an effective barrier to prevent leaks and corrosion, in turn extending the life of your tank. Our custom tank liners also allow the use of less expensive metal tanks that won’t crack at the joints. Tank liners eliminate the need for regular repairs while using older or damaged tank.

What Tank Lining Products Does Perfect Fit Tank Liners Offer?

Electroless Plating Tank Liners

We are proud to offer the highest quality flexible electroless plated tank liners. Dielectric (RF) sealing technology is used to ensure that our durable liners will fit into your tanks seamlessly with minimal wrinkles.


Electroplating Tank Liners

Our custom-made drop-in electroplating tank liners are adaptable to nearly all tank shapes and sizes and are resistant to a large range of chemicals.


Secondary Containment Tank Liners

We produce custom-made secondary containment tank liners for any places that need extra leak or spill protection. These include floor, sump, and pit liners. Also under this umbrella are inflatable containment liners, which use inflatable air chambers to stand on their own.


Water Tank Liners

Our water tank liners use flexible PVC for liquid containment and are customized to impeccably fit any size tank.


Chemical Tank Liners

We also manufacture heavy-duty custom chemical tank liners perfect for chemical containment in large outdoor tanks

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