Advantages of a Perfect Fit Tank Liner

Perfect Fit Tank Liner Advantages

The Perfect Fit Guarantee​

When you place your order for your Perfect Fit Tank Liner, we verify the dimensions with you to ensure we create the exact liner you need for your tank.  No matter the shape or size of your tank, we can fabricate your tank liner to fit perfectly so that you can drop it in your tank and get back up and running right away.

Cost Effective

Our Perfect Fit tank liners are significantly less in cost than regular maintenance or repairs to your tank. The cost of the chemicals, the man-hours, and the downtime resulting in a loss of production total a significantly larger amount than a new tank liner. Especially in comparison to a brand new tank, the savings are huge!

Maximizing Tank Liner Longevity

The material we have extruded specifically for our products is designed to withstand the industrial plating applications in particular. With a variety of materials and thickness options, you can be assured we have the right material for your production line.

What is R.F. Welding?

Radio Frequency (RF) welding is also often referred to as ‘high frequency welding’ or ‘dielectric sealing’. 


This manufacturing process uses electromagnetic energy and pressure to weld and permanently bond thermoplastic, vinyl and coated fabrics to create a new, permanent bond that is impenetrable and resistant to tearing. When cooled, the newly formed seam is as strong as or even stronger than the original material.


This type of welding is used to connect polymer films used in a variety of industries where a strong consistent leak-proof seal is required. In the fabrics industry, RF is most often used to weld PVC and polyurethane (PU) coated fabrics. This is a very consistent method of welding.

How R.F Welding Works


Radio frequency welding is a very mature technology that has been around since the 1940s.


The objects that need to be welded are clamped together between two metal electrodes (or sealing dies). These are typically mounted to a pneumatic press that will provide pressure and electromagnetic energy. 


When the press is actuated, the electrodes come together and high-frequency waves (usually 27.120 MHz) are passed through a small area between the die and the table where the weld takes place. This high frequency (radio frequency) field causes the molecules in the materials to move and get hot, and eventually, the material will melt, and the force applied by the electrode will melt or fuse the two surfaces together. After cooling, a permanent seam has been created in the shape of the die. No external heat is applied.

Why We Can Guarantee Our Welds

RF welds evenly distribute stresses throughout the material providing a much stronger seam while preventing any air, moisture, or debris getting in. This means that when we join the materials together to fabricate your liner, the weld is just as strong as the material itself, making our drop-in tank liners a perfect solution. 

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