How to Pick a Material and Securing Options

So you need a tank liner, but you’re not sure what you need? No problem, we’re here to help!


Here are the things to consider:

What is the solution in the tank? Will it work with PVC?

We can look up many chemicals to ensure PVC will work for your solution.

What temperature is the solution?

Our standard material is good up to 140˚F, and our High Temperature material is good up to 200 ˚F

What is the process for your tank, chrome, nickel, rinse, etc.?

  • In most cases, the temperature of your solution will determine the material you should use. However, when using a chrome solution or harsher chemicals, we suggest the high temperature material to get a longer life out of the liner, since it is made with a premium plasticizer.

How will you secure your tank liner to your tank?

Stainless Steel Clips are a great choice for a tank that has a lip that goes straight out.


Grommets and rope or hem and rope will work if you want to pull the liner under the lip and pull the rope to tie like a drawstring.

As you can tell, there are many ways you can customize your tank liner to be the Perfect Fit Tank Liner for you! Give me a call or email today to discuss your needs.