Strength Test of RF Welded Materials

Have you ever wondered how a tank liner that has been RF Welded can be made to fit your tank perfectly, and still be durable?


 That’s because when you RF weld PVC, it doesn’t melt the material, it melds it.


Allow me to explain. The process uses electromagnetic energy and pressure to weld and permanently bond the plastic to create a new, permanent bond that is impenetrable and resistant to tearing. When cooled, the newly formed seam is as strong as or even stronger than the original material.

So, how does that make it a strong, durable solution for me?

Alternatively, when PVC is merely glued together, it creates a heavy and hard area in the material that is no longer flexible. So, if the PVC needs to flex at all, the glue prevents it from doing just that, and will most likely tear or create a hole in the liner, rendering it useless, creating a catastrophic leak in your shop.


 When the liner has been welded (as opposed to glued), nothing is missed. And since the material has become one during the meld, the seal is just as strong as the material itself. See for yourself!

Take a look at this video where we show two pieces of material being welded together.

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