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Serving Lunch at Morningstar Mission

Morningstar Mission Logo

Recently we had an opportunity to support a local organization and follow our mission by volunteering to help serve lunch to the local community.  We recognize that we have been abundantly blessed and we try to live by our mission and do what we can to give back to our local community.


The organization that graciously allowed us to help for a couple of days is MorningStar Mission located in Joliet, IL. MorningStar’s website states their mission “MorningStar Mission Ministries is a non-denominational organization dedicated to relieving the spiritual and physical hunger of the poor.  We do this by providing food for the hungry, clothing for the needy, shelter for the homeless and the Gospel of Jesus Christ for all.”


The group states on their Facebook page they were founded in 1909. Today they have more than two thousand followers. They also have two thrift stores open located in Joliet and New Lenox.  Such an impressive and valuable charity organization.

We were truly humbled and honored to be a small part in helping the individuals bettered by this group, and we hope to spread the word. Check out their website for more information and go to their volunteer page to help.


Here are some photos of our time there.

Morningstar Mission Team 3
Morningstar Mission 4
Morningstar Mission 3
Morningstar Mission 6
Morningstar Mission Team 2
Morningstar Mission Team