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Part of working for a company that has the mission we do means that the employees get opportunities to help with many different causes. One of the local non-profits in the area was brought to our attention, and we decided we wanted to help!


My Joyful Heart is a local non-profit organization that gives back to the children in need. Among many things they provide with their program, a few times a year they pack bags, baskets, boxes, etc. to give that include various items they need. This can be daily essentials like soap and toothpaste, to a present and Christmas time, and back to school supplies. This is exactly what we were able to help with.


We had two teams go on two separate days to help pack the items that the team at My Joyful Heart were preparing. On the first day, the team put together packs including hot chocolate in a thermos and granola bars in a lunch box. On the second day, the team put together bags of hygiene products. After 13 people spent 2 hours packing these items, we are very happy to say we helped pack over 600 “packages” for My Joyful Heart and their program.


We strongly recommend an outing for both companies and friends and family to go volunteer for one of the shifts there. We found that it not only had the obvious feeling of self gratification by helping a good cause, but it also increased our team building with our employees.


Below are a few photos from both days we sent our teams. Please enjoy!