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Perfect Fit Tank Liners
High quality, customized “drop in” tank liners for chemical, water and metal plating containment.

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Electroless-Plating Tank Liners

Electroless Plating Tank Liners

Perfect Fit Tank Liners uses dielectric (RF) sealing technology to produce the highest quality flexible tank liners for electroless plating. Our custom made liners offer the best fit for your tank.

Electroplating PVC Liner for Water Tanks

Electroplating Tank Liners

We create custom flexible drop-in tank liners for all your electroplating and anodizing operations. These tank liners are adaptable to nearly all tank sizes and are resistant to a wide range of chemicals.​

Water Tank Liner

Secondary Containment Tank Liners

We manufacture plastic film and reinforced plastic coated fabrics for a custom fit and protection from leaks or spills. We also offer inflatable containment liners to create a chamber users can adjust for a perfect fit.

PVC Water Tank Liners

Water Storage Tank Liners

Perfect Fit Tank Liners is your source for water storage tank liners made of flexible PVC. PVC tank liners are UV resistant, lightweight for easy installation and help extend the life of your tank.

PVC Storage Tank Liners

Liquid Fertilizer Storage Tank Liners

We manufacture heavy duty custom tank liners for liquid containment in large outdoor tanks. Our tank liners provide a corrosion or chemically resistant barrier and will resolve and prevent minor leakage problems.


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