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See why 40+ years of experience makes a better tank liner!

In 1978, Specialty Plastic Fabricators, Inc. was established and began making drop-in tank liners for industrial plating. With the years of experience the founders had, even prior to starting the company, the market grew and expanded into other product lines and a larger facility. 


In 2018, the company and its product lines had grown so significantly that it was time to reorganize and make slight changes to the structure to enable the customer service to maintain the A+ rating it had always given our customers. 


CTO Enterprises is now the operating company consisting of many market brands to serve our customers. As industrial tank liners remain the backbone of the product lines, our Perfect Fit Tank Liners is the largest brand. 

Large Electroless Plating Tank Liner

See What Our Customers Think

“[CTO] has made more than a thousand items for my company over the last 10 years and I count them as one of my leading suppliers. It’s hard to find a company that does such an excellent job every time and I wish all of my suppliers were this friendly, efficient, and reliable. The craftsmanship and quality control in their products is simply amazing.  Whether I have worked with Mike, Trevor, Samantha, or any one else at [CTO], I have always received excellent customer service, impressive lead times, and outstanding pricing.” – Joe G.


We always highly recommend [Perfect Fit Tank Liners] when it comes to RF sealed materials. They are second to none in the industry for quality, they build and ship parts quickly, and are always a pleasure to work with on projects.” – Zack E.


“I grew in the business as the mechanic/maintenance guy for the first 20 yrs. It was my decision to change to [Perfect Fit Tank Liners] for liner supply and I would be hard pressed to remember any tank liner from [CTO] over 25 years ever being an issue on the install. Cost wise you have always been reasonable, but my biggest compliment to your facility is the fact that your liners are bullet proof on fit. Being lead person on every install of drop in liners here, I can say from experience that a liner that fits compared to one that doesn’t cuts the time in half or more. Time is money, so having a drop in that actually “drops in” allows me very fast installs and little DOWN time. In which case purchase price, though important, is a secondary cost compared to being out of production. As far as [CTO] goes, I am so satisfied with cost, fit, and lifetime of material I don’t even compare bids any more. I haven’t for probably a decade. I don’t feel the need to.” – Jay H.

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