Top 4 Benefits of Using Chemical Tank Liners

Tank Liners for Chemical Tank1. Extends Tank Life

Many industries use chemical tanks to store chemicals like Hydrochloric acid, Sulfuric acid, Nitric acid, Sodium hypochlorite, and Sodium hydroxide. These chemicals can react to your tank walls and cause corrosion and leaks. Using our Perfect Fit chemical tank liners will not only help maintain the structural integrity but will also significantly extend the life of your chemical tank.


2. Customized Tank Liners

Not all industries use the same size or shape tank and require a customized tank liner to cover every square inch of the tank. If a chemical tank liner is not fully covering the tank, corrosion will occur. With our customized tank liners, we custom make your liner to the exact dimensions of your tank using flexible PVC for the perfect fit every time.


3. Leak and Corrosion Prevention

Leaks and corrosions are common occurrences with liner-less chemical tanks. Without a tank liner, different chemicals can and will cause a reaction depending on the material of the tank itself. Because most chemical tanks are made of steel or fiberglass, over time chemicals react with the tank walls and become extremely corrosive. Using Perfect Fit custom chemical tank liners will provide an effective barrier to prevent leaks or corrosion and extend tank life.


4. Cost Effective

The cost of the chemicals, the man hours, and the down-time resulting in a loss of production totals a significantly larger amount than a new tank liner. Especially in comparison to a brand new tank, the savings are huge! Our Perfect Fit chemical tank liners are significantly less in cost than regular maintenance or repairs to your tank. Get a quote today!

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