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We Got This

We Got This!

Do they guarantee the tank liner will fit perfectly? We do! Perfect Fit Guarantee

Do they use the highest quality U.S. Sourced virgin materials? We do! Proven Quality Materials

Do they have a history of on-time delivery or offer rush options? We do! Accountable Delivery & Service

The Perfect Fit Guarantee

We use Radio Frequency Welding, also referred to as ‘high frequency welding’ or ‘dielectric sealing’, to weld all of our materials in our shop’. This is the strongest form of welding flexible materials to ensure a quality seal.


In additition to this, we custom fabricate every product to order, so the exact specifications you give us are met when making your liner. 


Finally, the product goes through a time tested quality control process to ensure the product has been manufactured to the precise specifications as ordered. 

Quality Materials

We only use virgin materials to manufcature our products. What does that mean? Some manufacturers and suppliers will use materials that have been recycled. The material is melted down and mixed to create a “new” roll of material. These are typically referred to as seconds. This can be done more than once as well, resulting in thirds, fourths, etc.  We do not fabricate our liners out of seconds materials. We choose to offer only the highest quality materials that have been proven to be the best choice in the plating industry. 

Accountable Delivery & Service

Our standard lead time is roughly two weeks from the date of your order to fabricate your tank liner. However, we always strive to make your liner as quickly as we can without losing any quality. 

We also offer our Express Service when you have an emergency where a typical liner can ship within 2-3 days. 

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