Electroless Plating 101

Electroless Plating Tank Liner

What is Electroless Plating? 

In the manufacturing world, plating is the process of taking a layer of a certain type of metal and coating it to a specific part using an electric power source. On the flip side, Electroless Plating is a method of plating a part without using an outside power source. This process works by placing the part that needs plating into a water based chemical solution that reduces the nickel ions transforming them into metallic nickel.  Heat and chemistry accomplish the plating process instead of electricity and chemistry. 

What are the Benefits of flexible tank liners when Electroless Plating?

There are many benefits to using drop-in flexible tank liners while electroless plating. For starters, if you’re looking for a more corrosion resistant tank liner, Perfect Fit Tank Liners is the best choice. Electroless plating offers excellent corrosion resistance to common corrodents such as salt water, carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen sulfide. For this reason alone, electroless plating is very popular in the oil, gas, and chemical industries that use tank liners to store more corrosive liquids. In addition, using a flexible, drop-in tank liner with your electroless plating line will save time, energy, and costs by helping to avoid the messy, tank cleaning and passivation. It also allows people to use less expensive metal tanks that won’t crack at the joints eliminating the need of constant repairs. Lastly, the biggest advantage is the easy drop-in installation process when using a Perfect Fit Tank Liner.

How Does Perfect Fit Tank Liners fabricate liners for Electroless Plating? 

At Perfect Fit Tank Liners, we fabricate high quality, perfect fit, flexible tank liners.  We use dielectric (RF) sealing technology which ensures all material seams are of the highest quality. Our flexible tank liners are custom made to close any gaps based on your tanks dimensions and our liners fit well with minimal wrinkles.

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